Our History

The 12 acres that our cabin sets on belonged to my Grandfather. During his working years he raised beef cattle and worked the fields for hay and other crops. In 1986 his barn burned to the ground because of lightning strikes. After a few years he handed down the land to my Father. My Father was then diagnosed wth cancer. He knew he could not take care of the land anymore, so he gave it away to us. He knew that we would take care of it and that's just what we did. The rock foundation in which our cabin sets had an 1800s house setting upon it. It was torn down in 2005 but we wanted to preserve the rocks, so we saved them and had a cabin brought in and put on top in 2011. We worked on the inside, finishing it in 2013. I wish my Father could see it now. My Husband and I both worked very hard on this cabin and we are pleased with the outcome. Please come and experieince it for yourself.